Current Ministries

Married/Young Families

This is both an AMAZING yet STRESSFUL season of life. There are amazing joys... falling in love, weddings, birth of babies, kids going off to kindergarten, buying your first house. Yet the pressures of life and work, parenting and marriage, school and homework, piano lessons and soccer, loans and finances, extended family and in-laws leave us with our hands more than full. It can all seem very overwhelming at times!

In the midst of all this, how do we have time for our walk with God and properly invest into our spouse? How do we maintain our personal standards of excellence when we're in the perpetual state of letting things slide and feeling guilty about it?

If this sounds like you, come join us as we walk this journey together. Our goal is to offer a safe and nurturing place where authentic conversations happen, where we can be "real" in our day-to-day struggles and triumphs. In doing so, we'll build rich friendships, enjoy deep fellowship, chew through the Word of God, and enjoy good food.

Youth Group

Motivated by God's love and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we seek to be a Biblically-based Youth Group that impacts our peers, our church, our community, and the world in ways that Jesus would.